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a function is nullipotent if not calling it at all has the same side effects as calling it once or more

Here’s a list of the most commonly used HTTP methods and whether they are idempotent and/or safe as defined by the contract:

Idempotency and safety (nullipotentcy) are guarantees that server applications make to their clients and the world. It is a nike roshe 2 womens review on concealed carry holsters
standard that developers must adhere to
when implementing RESTful APIs over HTTP. An operation doesn’t automatically become idempotent or safe just because it is invoked using the GET method, if it isn’t implemented in an idempotent manner. A poorly written server application might use GET methods to update a record in the database or to send a message to a friend (I have seen applications that do this.) This is a really, really bad design.

contract defined by the HTTP standard that developers must adhere to automatically become idempotent

Adhering to the idempotency and safety contract helps make an API fault-tolerant and robust . Clients, middleware applications and various servers that requests pass through before reaching your application, use this contract for various optimizations . Clients may automatically cancel a GET request if it is taking too long to process and repeat it because they assume it has the same effect (since GET is idempotent). However, they won’t do the same thing for POST requests because the first one may have already altered some state on the server side. This is the reason why web browsers display a warning message that you are about to re-submit a form when you hit the back button to go to a form (For this reason, always redirect after a successful POST operation.) In the same veins, cache servers don’t cache POST requests and safe methods can pre-fetched to stored in cache to enhance performance.

Adhering to the idempotency and safety contract helps make an API fault-tolerant and robust use this contract for various optimizations

In summary, when building RESTful applications using HTTP, it is important to implement HTTP methods in a manner that satisfies their idempotency and safety contract, because clients and intermediaries are free to use this contract to optimize and enhance the user experience . Don’t use GET method for operations that alter the database and don’t use POST to retrieve information ( with one exception ).

added aromatherapeutic benefits: + enhancing sense of beauty + emotional upliftment + anxiety-soothing + easing emotional adjustments accompanying age transition + inspires loving feelings both emotionally and physically; for self and others

{Y/I/R} + mend, regenerate and heal

+ plump cells with hydration and increase cell turnover to smoothe appearance of fine lines

+ soothe blemished, traumatized and troubled skin

+ tone, hydrate and renrew after-sun and throughout the day

+ tone and condition skin post-shave

+ assist skin maladies including: dermatitis, eczema, burns, wounds, scars, stretch marks and premature wrinkles.

+ mist over cleansed skin before application of FACIAL SERUM and YARROW BUTTER, or preferred serum/moisturizer. may be used head-to-toe for exceptional face, hair, and full body hydration and aromatherapeutic benefits; enhancing beauty and sensuality without and within.

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{R/S/N} Water (aqua), essential oils of: Santalum spicatum (sandalwood)†, Citrus aurantium (neroli), Rosa damascena (rose).

{Y/I/R} Water (aqua),essential oils of: Helichrysum italicum (immortelle), Cistus ladaniferus (rockrose),Achillea millefolium (yarrow).


Amelia Dec 22, 2017

My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a larger size. I use this everyday with the Facial Serum. It smells fantastic and makes the serum absorb easily. My skin looks refreshed and dewy afterwards. Please make this in an 8oz or 16oz size!!

Dec 14, 2017

I am in the arsthetic medical field, amd this spray is better that any other I’ve used!! Not only does it smell heavenly- it truly improves your skin quality. I bought 3 bottles at Target and want more! (The ones at Target are another fragrance, probably unique to Target, and those are actually my favorite) Everyone who sees me use this wants one- and at $20 at Target, BEST GIFT EVER 😉

Sekani May 22, 2017

Since using this product my skin has been feeling so rejuvenated and fresh! I absolutely love it. I love the smell it is so fresh and soft and I just overall love how my skin feels. I love that I don't have to use a cotton ball and can just spray it on my face whenever my skin is feeling oily or just gross and it makes me feel so much better. This product is very impressive and highly recommended.

Adam Wathan

Software developer, author, and host of Full Stack Radio.

April 6, 2016

This post is adapted from my book + video course, nike roshe grey metallic gold
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Dealing with arrays in form submissions is a pain in the ass.

Imagine you need to build a page that allows users to add multiple contacts at once. If a contact has a name , email , and occupation , ideally the incoming request would look something like this:

The problem is that crafting a form that actually submits this format is surprisingly complicated.

If you haven't had to do this before, you might think you can get away with something like this, using just a pinch of JavaScript to duplicate the form fields while keeping all of the field names the same:

...but this gives you a request that looks like this:

To get the form to submit in the correct format, you need to give each set of fields an explicit index:

...which means that when you add another set of fields, you need to change the name of every input, incrementing the index by one.

Doesn't seem too unreasonable at first, just count the sets of fields and add one for the new set right?

Wrong! What if a user removes a set of fields? Or two sets of fields? Now there might only be 3 sets remaining but the last set still has an index of 4, so just counting the fields is going to result in a collision.

So what can you do? Well, you have a few options:

All of a sudden this seems like a lot more work on the front-end than you signed up for! But there's one other option:

Submit the data in a different format and deal with it on the server.

As long as we aren't nesting past the empty square brackets, PHP is happy to let us leave out the index. So what you'll commonly see people do in this situation (and what you may have done yourself) is name the form fields like this:

The benefit of course is that now we don't have to keep track of the index. We can reuse the same markup for every set of fields, never worrying about the total number of fields in the form, or what happens when a set of fields is removed. Excellent!

The disadvantage is that now our incoming request looks like this:


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