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8.1.Working with Annotations

Annotations display directly on a schematic, system diagram, or EM structure. For example, the following figure shows where DC current and voltage are annotated on a schematic.

NOTE: For two-port elements, current annotation always displays on node 1.


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for more details on EM annotations.

Schematics and system diagrams are commonly created using hierarchy. When an annotation is applied to a top level schematic or system diagram, you can push down through the hierarchy to see the annotations. To do this, select any subcircuit in the top level, right-click and choose Edit Subcircuit . You descend into that subcircuit and can see the annotations from the top level displayed at the lower level. From the previous example, see the following figure of the annotation in the "Output Match" subcircuit.

If you open the subcircuit from the Project Browser, there is no annotation display because the NI AWR Design Environment TM (NI AWRDE) does not know every place this subcircuit is used at a higher level.

You can create a new annotation by right-clicking the following nodes in the Project Browser and choosing Add Annotation :

a circuit schematic node under Circuit Schematics

a system diagram node under System Diagrams

an EM structure node under EM Structures

or you can select these nodes and click the Annotation button on the toolbar.

An Add Schematic Annotation, Add System Diagram Annotation, or Add EM Structure Annotation dialog box displays, depending on the node. See nikecom air jordan 11 7210 for sale
for more information.

Select the Measurement Type and the Measurement to add the annotation, then click OK . The Project Browser displays the new annotation under the appropriate node for the item.

Annotations function identical to graphs in regards to tuning and swept parameters. See air jordan retro 4 white cement ebay official site
for more information on swept parameter analysis and results display.

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April 3

Fred Lambert

- Apr. 3rd 2018 1:30 pm ET


Electric vehicle startup NIOis emerging as a serious competitor in the EV space and illustrating that, the company opened its first service center right next to Tesla’s inBeijing as it’s about to deliver its first cars.

China’s demand for SUVs is increasing rapidly and it is extending to electric SUVs, which made Tesla’s Model X a very popular vehicle in the country despite its higher price due to import duties slapped on all of Tesla’s vehicles.

Now NIO, which is emerging as one of the most well-funded new Chinese EV startups, is bringing its first production vehicle to market, the NIO ES8, a cheaper all-electric SUV to try to capture some of that demand for electric SUVs.

They are about to deliver their firstNIO ES8 vehicles and they are opening their first service right next to Tesla’s inBeijing.

Here’s a gallery of images of the new facility (via JayinShanghai):

When NIO first launched theES8, theysaid that the vehicle isa full size 7-seater electric SUV with a 70 kWh battery pack enabling 355 km (220 miles) of NEDC-rated range, which should result in closer to 200 miles of real-world range.

The first 10,000 ES8 vehicles will be the “Founder Edition” with a starting price of RMB 548,000 (~$83,000 USD) before incentives.

But the price of those“Founder Edition” vehicles doesn’t matter much since NIO claims that they are already all sold out.

The standard ES8 starts at RMB 448,000 (~$68,000 USD) or RMB 375,400 ($57,000) after govt. incentives, which represents roughly half the price of the Tesla Model X in China.

But NIO also offers a battery renting structure, similar to Renault’s ZOE battery scheme, which lowers the upfront price of the vehicle to RMB 275,400 (~$42,000 USD).

The battery renting fee is not cheap at RMB 1,280 (~$2o0 USD) per month, but it also gives owner access to a battery swap system to get more range quickly.

We will follow the rollout and early customer response to theES8. If you are in line to get one or you know someone whois, let us know.

Fred is the Editor in Chief and Main Writer at Electrek.

You can send tips on Twitter (DMs open) or via email: [email protected]

If you want to help Fred and Electrek, you can contribute to our Patreon:

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