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It's Time for a Burger Break in 2018

Dear Friends,

Over the past 12 years, the National Hamburger Festival has grown to become one of the best food festivals in the nation—drawing in thousands of attendees to downtown Akron during its annual two-day, summertime event.

I want to emphasize that the success of the festival would not have been possible without the tremendous support we’ve received from all of the restaurants, sponsors, vendors, the City of Akron and all of our attendees.

Please accept my most sincere gratitude to all of you for supporting the festival throughout the years as together we have created a very special event.

As the city embarks on some critically important infrastructure changes that, no doubt, will significantly improve Akron’s core, the reconstruction project would be a major disruption to the festival.

That being said, I don’t feel that we can execute the National Hamburger Festival at the same level we have the last 12 years. Therefore, I’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to suspend the festival for 2018.

While this news is immensely disappointing, it presents an opportunity to re-examine the event’s structure and direction.

In closing, I would be remiss to not mention the unwavering support the festival has received from so many passionate Akronites who have—together—created something truly special. This includes our awesome festival staff, Mayor Dan Horrigan and the City of Akron, Tish Jernigan and the Lock 3 staff; City of Akron Police Department; City of Akron Fire Department; Akron Children’s Hospital; Summit County Historical Society; Akron RubberDucks; Greater Akron Chamber; Downtown Akron Partnership as well as many other individuals in the community.

Additionally, we have enjoyed a wealth of fruitful partnerships with the Akron media including the Akron Beacon Journal and Rubber City Radio.

I look forward to reinventing the festival for 2019, so it can evolve into an event that aligns with Akron’s exciting future.


Drew Cerza

In the meantime, don’t let our time off stop you from what’s most important—hamburger noshing at its finest. Get your burger fix at many of the local eateries and food trucks who’ve churned out some seriously amazing burgers. Clickhere


For those restaurants and sponsors who want to get involved for 2019, contact usto get started planning! Clickhere

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